The 2023 Control Tyre

The 2023 Control Tyre

10 February 2023

Miata Trophy are keen to announce that the control tyres for the inaugural 2023 season, for both NA and NC class, are the Toyo Proxes R888R.

The control tyres are the same for both dry and wet conditions and must be purchased via official tyre distributor PolleySport ( 01354 688 111). Tyres will be supplied branded for identification.

It is strictly prohibited to cut the tyres in any manner and the original tread pattern must remain visible at all times. The use of tyre heating/heat retention devices, tyre treatments and compounds are prohibited, as is any tyre planing/shaving/buffing.

The permitted tyre size is:

  • NA Class: 195/50/15
  • NC Class: 215/45/17

MSVT Racing are well accustomed to the Toyo Proxes R888R, with the tyre having been the control tyre for Trackday Championship (TDC) for the past six seasons. The R888R remains the control tyre for TDC in 2023, allowing Miata Trophy competitors to seamlessly transition and race with TDC should the competitor wish (remember registering for Miata Trophy earns you TDC registration for free!).