Learning more about the machinery in NA Class...

Learning more about the machinery in NA Class...

21 October 2022

The first generation of Mazda MX-5 manufactured can be distinguished by their two-letter chassis code - NA.

Mazda MX-5 (NA) was first unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show on February 10th 1989, launching in the UK later in 1990. The small, Japanese roadster immediately became a hit with experts and the public alike. The strong initial demand has never ceased and the affordable roadster has gone on to become the best-selling two-seat convertible sports car of all time.

With its lightweight design, precise steering and fantastic weight distribution, the Mk1 Mazda MX-5 provides an excellent machine on both the road and the track. The design, originally inspired by the Lotus Elan, has been regularly praised worldwide for its simplistic beauty and features like the pop-up headlights have been admired by generations.

Now, thanks to Miata Trophy, Mk1 Mazda MX-5s will combine with Mk3 Mazda MX-5s on a single grid – allowing for the ultimate single-make championship. Miata Trophy’s dynamic points structure ensures that Mk1 drivers will not only battle to become the inaugural ‘NA Class’ champion, but they have fighting chance to vie for overall glory too.

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